Monday, April 06, 2009


Fallen Rock in a hidden cave,
Who will see you
now that the tide is high?
Who will graze their skins on your edges
now that you no longer hold your head up high?

Betrayed a mountain, didn't you?
Carved a niche for yourself,
but a scar to your kind
and lost all claim to worthiness.

Fallen Rock all that's left
is for you to die:
The sea will shatter you,
The wind will scatter you
while those that once protected you
will watch on guiltless.

All is lost, you might say.
What good it is
To buy freedom and lose yourself?
But some say there is joy
in not belonging
and yet belonging everywhere.

Fallen Rock, look at your fate,
Search for the Joys in your existence:
They are at the end of your paths.
Everytime, you move forward
they stay behind
content in themselves (can Joy ever not be?)

Only Isolation followed you,
only Pain knew the way,
only Rejection served you
when you died and became
Something new.



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